Introducing Xikishell (xsh)!

The Xiki Kickstarter is happening now!

Create Commands

  by creating...
    - a text file
    - a script
    - a class
      - (methods are the items)
    - a directory structure
      - (dirs/files are the items)
    - notes with headings
      - (headings are the items)
    - textual menu items
      - with embedded code

Pass Anything

  pass anything to xsh...
    - url's
    - file and dir paths
    - remote server paths
    - git hashes
    - code (in many languages)
    - tweets
    - email addresses (to email)
    - musical notes

Make Notes

  - commands that run inline
  - multiple shell prompts
  - add wiki-ish elements
    - headings and bullets
  - search in headings
  - save to text files
    - to run again later
    - and share

Web Development

  $ xsh -node
    (make a node controller)
  $ xsh -rails
    - make rails apps
    - generate models, etc
    - view and edit models
    - xiki-ish script console
  - xiki rails plugin
    - create xiki commands
      - right in rails apps!


  browsing and updating for...
  - mysql
  - rethinkdb
  - couchdb
  - mongodb
  - browser local storage
  - memcached

Your Workflow

  make commands for your projects
    - start servers
    - shortcuts to edit your models
    - search methods in projects
    - document

Much More

See more of the revolutionary Xiki features that Xikishell brings to your shell at!