Ways to Learn Dotsies

Here are some ways to learn and practice Dotsies. Try a few of them, and do the ones that are the most fun for you.


On the home page beginning with:

hi there!


Pick a short story, or paste in your own to read:


Or try dotsies.org/stories for a different approach.


Memorize the letters, then memorize some common words:


Learn by moving around and collecting hints!



Send messages in dotsies back and forth to friends:



Send emails back and forth to friends in dotsies. First, you must both install the font. If you're using gmail, copy dotsies text from the TextEdit app and paste it into the email.


Drag the bookmarklet from the home page to your browser's toolbar. Then click the bookmarklet while on an interesting web page of your choice to use the Dotsies font on it, and try to read it. Start with one having few long words or proper nouns. Use Control + (or Command +) to blow up the font size.


Install the font and practice by using Dotsies in various programs. People have tried switching their whole computer over to Dotsies. But, maybe start out just using it to type an email.


If you have an ereader, like a Kindle or Kobo, you can probably put Dotsies on it. Here are some links:

Kindle, Android, Kobo, Sony

If these don't work, google around. There are a lot of pages on this topic.


Once you have the font intalled, you can search for videos with closed captions, and click the red "CC" button to choose the dotsies font. Here's an example video with closed captioning.

Hints: You can do a youtube search and click "Filter", then "CC (closed captioning)". Some videos don't let you choose the font. Keep looking and you'll find some that do. In the font dropdown menu, it sometimes help to click on "Dotsies" and hold down the mouse button in case the menu readjusts.


Here are some visualizations of the alphabet, to help you remember the pattern: