Script versions of Dotsies

This is experimental at the moment, but here are some samples of what script versions of Dotsies might look like.

In this sample, the top paragraph shows what all the paragraphs say. The 2nd paragraph is unaltered dotsies. The paragraphs underneath it become more altered (programatically made curvy) as you go down. In the bottom-right paragraph, elements are also randomly rotated a few degrees.

This is only experimental, but could possibly lead to a more curvy looking version of the font, as well as ideas for writing dotsies by hand.

The relative legibility could be an indication of the eventual practicability of writing dotsies by hand, and that if you get it reasonably close it may be readable.

At the moment it's unclear how legible the various versions will be to people. Learn dotsies then try it yourself and tweet me about it at @DotsiesFont.

Here are some more samples. They say "All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood."

This shows a more predictable alternative for rounding the dots:

Here's the alphabet for reference:


Here is some dotsies text hand-written with a marker. Corners with slight curves represent 2 dots with corners touching (the 2nd word on the 2nd line is "see"). The first 4 words are "this is some sample".

At least 3 other people were able to read most of it, so it seems plausible. If you think you can read it tweet me at @DotsiesFont with what you think it says! This was traced on top of some really light printed dotsies text, so there was a little cheating involved.

Here is some dotsies text hand-written with a pencil. It was written without guides and so is a little more uneven. Can you read it? The first 4 words are "i am writing this".